Meet My Fantastic Editor

By some wonderful Cosmic arrangement I have connected with an editor, the kind of editor I really need. She is sharp and clear, and so able to strike out unneeded text and unneeded scenes. Amazing! This has made me truly comprehend what a rigorous discipline it is to write for children. I mean, you can’t just write as much as you want! My metaphor for that is like having a beautiful embroidered and furlined winter coat and having to wrestle it into a teacup! What if what you want to say just doesn’t fit!?

Working with my editor has given me new inspiration and confidence in writing for children. It has led to some changes to Little Star Lost, which you will have a chance to enjoy in the new softcover.

Meet Lisa P Allen, from Winlaw. I am so grateful to have you to work with!


About Lisa:
Lisa is a parent of two creative and aware small children. She thanks her librarian mom for always making sure there were plenty of books around when she was little. Lisa has been educated in the letters and the arts, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics from the University of California, Santa Cruz with college honours and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute. Now, she follows the way of the mystic, weaving her literary skills and visions in order to bring spiritual stories into fruition. She practices energy medicine in the beautiful Kootenays.

Big News from Luminescence!

It’s been a long time since the last posting, but new directions have been developing!

The big news is that Luminescence will publish in softcovers. This is a huge saving in publishing costs and freight, and a saving in the retail cost for you.

I suppose part of the inspiration for softcovers was also a discovery when I had to clean out my father’s house, that hardcover books were not accepted for recycling. I think you have to get the covers off somehow, but that is a lot of struggling if you have 40 or 50 books to deal with, and then what do you do with the covers? So, hmmm, what are we doing?

The savings on printing softcover will allow me to finish the cycle of three books I envisaged about the Star Children much more quickly. I am very inspired about that. Gung ho in fact! I can hardly wait, as I already have my outline and research (yes, research!) done for the third book.


More big news coming shortly!

Small Updates

Well, since the book launch it’s been pretty quiet in the posting department, but very busy in the mail-out department and busy dealing with stores and just personal sales. Readings are being set up in libraries, and I hope I can do a reading near you! Let me know if you have a library in mind.

The first one will be in the Nakusp Public Library on July 25. Along with the reading there is a craft for children and also books available for sale and signing. Watch for more information on my next posting.

Please note that I am away from June 18 to July 7, so book orders from this website will be a little delayed going out after this coming weekend.
Thank you for your orders.

Little Star Lost in Stores, Tuesday, April 16

By the end of today you will be able to find the book in many selected stores. Check out Banyen Books in Vancouver, Bookland in Vernon, and Spiritwood in Nakusp. By this afternoon, it will also be in Otter Books, Gaia Rising, and Through the Looking Glass in Nelson, Gaia Tree and Spinning Fables in Winlaw, and Raven’s Nest in New Denver. You can have a look at it, you can buy it out of hand – enjoy and be uplifted!

Cover re-do version 1