Luminescence Publishing

Luminescence Publishing is a small publishing venture in beautiful Silverton, British Columbia. It is under the direction of myself, Lila Strand, author and illustrator of the three children’s books, collectively called The Star Children Books.

These books have come to be created in order to fill an empty niche: the need in today’s world to provide space and tools  (books and hopefully songs!) to help children connect to our glorious natural world, even to the vast mysterious cosmos, and very importantly, to what lies deeply within ourselves. The books fulfill the publisher’s guiding principle, which is borrowed from anthroposophy, so is truly Waldorf-inspired:  “the good, the beautiful, the true”. We aim to provide something wholesome and nourishing for the unfolding inner being of the child. A gallery of thoughts on the illustrated pages of The Star Children can be found on this website under Activities & Conversations.

Underpinning simple gentle stories is our connection to Nature and the cosmos around us, to each other and ourselves, and to the Eternal self-existent realities. I must giver credit to the late Thomas Berry for much insight and inspiration. He said there are three mediations that must happen on our planet: human to nature, human to human, and human to divine. So the stories are told within the context of spiritual metaphor or myth – the surface is just a ‘story’, but for those who connect to it at a deeper level and find value there, we find treasures of Truth*.

*I use Truth in the sense of the larger existential questions of life: What is life? What are we doing here? What are we serving? What gives a deeper meaning to our story on this planet? Where is Love? Where is Peace? These questions provide an opening door to the larger vertical questions in life. These questions send us to find the answers and send us to the inward unfoldment and awakening that gives life to our inner being.

The Truth is in our Heart and we can hear and feel our Heart when we create we the space for inner stillness? By intention, we can create the situations where we are stillness, we are peacefulness, we become available to something much larger within us, so we can abide in a deeper consciousness of Truth and Wisdom, of Love, Peace, and Joy, and we are guided by our own Compass in Life. That being said referring to the larger context….for children, the task is play, the task is joy, the task is love and kindness.


“The good, the beautiful, the true.”


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