The Star Children

TheStarChildren Cover


One evening the star children see the earth children, playing down below. They run to ask the Mother-of-Us-All to help them find their way down so they can join in.

She tells them how to get down and also how to come back up again. They promise they will remember how to get back – but will they manage?

The Star Children is a beautiful story that creates a porthole into a poetic nature-world set apart.  The book takes you into the deep connection to nature that builds our core of being. In the story both little stars and little humans revel freely in their nature play. Their experiences engage both the body and senses fully, but also the feelings and soul are engaged with all life that is around them. There is a deep bond of friendship between the children and a loving connectedness to nature. A passing glance is given to the unseen dimensions which our inner sensibility registers.

A gentle, beautiful bedtime story, a book to charm and nourish the soul for readers of all ages. A must-have for every Waldorf-inspired home or classroom.

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