Big News from Luminescence!

It’s been a long time since the last posting, but new directions have been developing!

The big news is that Luminescence will publish in softcovers. This is a huge saving in publishing costs and freight, and a saving in the retail cost for you.

I suppose part of the inspiration for softcovers was also a discovery when I had to clean out my father’s house, that hardcover books were not accepted for recycling. I think you have to get the covers off somehow, but that is a lot of struggling if you have 40 or 50 books to deal with, and then what do you do with the covers? So, hmmm, what are we doing?

The savings on printing softcover will allow me to finish the cycle of three books I envisaged about the Star Children much more quickly. I am very inspired about that. Gung ho in fact! I can hardly wait, as I already have my outline and research (yes, research!) done for the third book.


More big news coming shortly!