Coming Dec. 20, a Book Made New!

I’m really thrilled to announce that Little Star – A Hidden Seed will arrive Dec. 20 in soft cover. This is actually Little Star Lost made new! The same story with simplified language and some new illustrations. Little Star Lost has been so well received by so many somewhat older readers. I felt a new version that spoke to the younger set was needed. This tells the same tender story of the little lost star child that finds his own heart. It is more readable for the younger audience, and more readable in a group setting (the pages will turn more quickly!) Both books are very beautiful, with the same rich, meaningful intention.

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If you are new to this site, here is the summation on the back cover:

Little Star – A Hidden Seed tells the story of a little star child who finds himself lost in the earth world. Through ups and downs he comes to remember where he belongs and ultimately discovers his own heart.

The story holds many lessons contributing to children’s developing emotional and spiritual intelligence. Help with difficult feelings can come to us from nature. Help can also come from our own inner resources; from the dormant love, power and possibilities that lie hidden within us. A feeling of connection and happiness ultimately lives inside the deepest core of our being.