If you throw away the language of the hidden subjective world

you have nothing,

no thoughts about it,

no way to communicate,

no tools, no knowledge, no help, to move and learn in that realm.

Our school-trained linear minds

Keep our sensibility imprisoned

By our rational, material, scientific words.

Our deepest essence imprisoned in the dark poverty of absence,

The absence of numinous words

When we discard the sacred words, the words we are allergic to

(Oh, those words!

Like ‘God’, ‘holiness’…)

We cannot benefit from their profound gifts

We are bereft of all they signify, what is actually behind them, what they mean in their deepest, most empowering radiant essence.

The words reek of another prison box and its wrongdoing

Its limitations, its past that is held, static
We need new words then,

Words without baggage

Otherwise we have thrown away our help, our tools, our knowing

Our way to a greater reality, that is US, actually, the total and whole US.

The right words can help give light to our sensibilities

Our depth, our yearning

Our love

I have heard ‘Mystery’.

The great Eternal Mystery

The Mother Father Mystery of the Universe

The Mystery of the All


It’s a start