My Father

My Father Oct.4, 1923 – Feb. 24, 2020

Two months ago he passed, and every day I am grateful that he was spared the sorrow of the covid19 isolation…and I was spared being anguished about it.He demonstrated so much love and gratitude as he aged. And forgiveness. Transformation worked on him, that is a gift of his deepest essence (otherwise known as soul). He became the father he had never been.


I now sit and enjoy his creative output – especially his words in his many books – never edited! But so beautiful, despite the warts (as we all are!) He had a good go, and poured forth his life’s essence and artistic talents.

Sharing in his passing has been more beautiful than I could imagine! I feel he has poured the gifts of his ancestral line into me. Thank you for our travel on the road together, Dad.

With my enduring love,