A little strange, isn’t it, to have set up a blog page and then not write?…the vagaries of life!

At first I thought it was because I am writing the third book. It is hard to be in one mode – the well-spring of creative thought and artistic beauty – and to also tailor ones thought processes to the public.

But later I have understood that I was in a kind of removed cocoon – needing to digest and ruminate on the state of the planet and humanity – yes, actually on the horrific mess we are in. I don’t mean covid, which in many ways is having a constructive effect on many, both personally and nationally. If we don’t look at the many aspects of our humanity and the planet, we can thankfully go along, coddled in our own little world, striving for our arrangements and comforts, struggling with our own challenges and fulfilling what must be fulfilled. And also trying in our own limited personal way to align our small efforts with planetary ethics. That is already a full plate. But what if we look, really look!

This time I have been reading a lot, Thomas Berry and Bill Plotkin, and Brian Swimme, but also many, many National Geographics that have been lying around for 20 years – all these thoughts and information has impacted me in a life-changing way.

And how to address what we know? How to address this! In a way I want to stand on rooftops and rail. But we know that does not work. It is also not aligned to my energies of love and understanding.

My teacher says, to do what you can according to your own capacity. This means on every level, spiritual, local and planetary. “According to your own capacity” is a very forgiving and focusing thought. This very thing bears examining. It has been a guiding force in my ruminations.

Little Star Lost - Children's Book
So he started to wander about