Meditating this morning, it seems clear to me that there is much love being focussed on the planet and also within humanity. Can you sense that? We are also part of this higher sphere, a sphere that exists very far in vibration from our physical plane life. Seems like actually we are such a very big planet with so many billions of people (this from our own point of view), but if also love is coming to us from the Universe, from that point of view we are such a small and suffering entity in the galaxy.

And so what(?) you might say. So there is a little piece of love amid so much wrongdoing, greed and despair, what can it do? Well, perhaps sustain us as we walk together step-by-step toward a new world (and I don’t mean the New World Order of Klaus Schwab and the billionaire technocrats and AI.) I mean a new world wherein the heart of humanity slowly wakes up to the truth of our being, and the truth of the being of the Universe, and together create a social order that reflects our values and inner light.

This is where some virtues come in: developing the understanding of the necessity of perseverance, positivity, and dedication – to keep on relentlessly against all odds. To keep on with LOVE and goodness.

On a personal note, since I posted “Sometimes the path that will bring you the most joy will need some clearing” I have found that in fact the clearing never seems to be over. I have thought, well, maybe it is because new knowledge and understandings are developing, and as the world changes, and I and we change with it, it obviously can never stop.

I am working on a book for young people – maybe 11 to 14 – (that changes too!) and I do find it a challenge. Actually the first draft is already written but with little blue markers here and there, like ‘find out more about this aspect’. I often read other books for this age group, often very popular ones, and though people say to me, “Why don’t you write a book like this?” my feeling is that the world is already swimming in books like that. That is why my guidepost is Inspired Books for Children. I want to give something to the young ones who are in a treacherous transition. Not that the transition is of itself so very treacherous, but the world they are living in is treacherous for the transition of leaving childhood and trying to find your solid self in a world bereft of obvious goodness and deeper values. What they are constantly exposed to at school, from peers, from social media and the entertainment industry does not speak to what needs to develop and be connected to internally.

My thoughts for this Day of Love (though Valentine’s Day is commercially hijacked), there is deep value and purpose in reflecting on LOVE.

Anyone who wishes to add their thoughts are very welcome.