What Do You Say to a Tree?

Close your mouth in the presence of trees. Just think. Stand there and think to yourself: “There you are, tree. Growing, developing, enjoying rain and sunshine and soil. I don’t know what your life is like, standing out here all night in the snow, owls scraping your bark; or standing there soaking up tons of sunlight. I don’t even know what it’s like to hope for sunshine or stand helpless with a forest fire blazing your way. I can’t even imagine the joy you might feel when the sun shines and all your vast processes of life churn forward, throwing out tons of water, producing such complex seeds. But whatever destiny you are to live, I want you to go on living it. Whatever relationship you enjoy with the Earth’s vitality, I want you to go on enjoying them. I don’t know what my own destiny is, nor what relationships I will enjoy in the future, but together we make part of this vast mystery of Earth’s life, and that is enough fort now.”

Remember that a tree doesn’t need to be addressed. It is you that needs to address the tree.

                        p. 132 from The Universe is a Green Dragon by Brian Swimme

Such a very large and interesting thought. It enhances and expands our awareness. It augments our own transformative process. It gives a tiny nudge toward the process of remediating the frightening modern urban/industrial/technology obsessed world’s disconnect from the sacredness of the inhabitants of our planet Earth.