A New Paradigm

I feel a necessity to share SOME illustrations from the upcoming book, despite what I said earlier about intellectual property. This illustration is so pertinent to the conversation about Talking to Trees. 

Humanity is creating a new paradigm. Altogether we are arising in our consciousness to create something good, something of value, for the community of Life and its progenitor, planet Earth. We want to regain a reverence, a sacredness for all that lives and shares space on this planet, for the well-being of all. If not, we will be gone as a species. See an amazing talk from a remarkable physician, Dr. Zach Bush  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_EDQSp5ayU (this one or any one of his many talks). I don’t think a human exit will be a loss to planet Earth, our beautiful home that brought us all forth – over billions of years – in stunning fecundity and generosity. If we take into account all we have done to each other and planet earth in just a few hundred years, we have not contributed much of what is our great and beautiful potential of light and love. Read The Universe Story by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry.  It really creates a new mindset.  I want to credit Brian Swimme for his uplifting thought (heard in one of his on-line talks) that the Universe is evoking or drawing forth, a new consciousness in us all, drawing forth what we and the planet needs now.          

“Thank you for being here.”