Update on New Book

As you may have seen, the cover of the new upcoming book has been posted. The book will go to my fabulous lay-out friend in December. Printing will occur in January and the completed book will arrive back in early February. This is a completion of what I had felt would be a trilogy for children.

It seems each of these books has added a year onto the age of the child who would be its audience, putting this book in the kingdom of ‘Middle Childhood’. This phase of life is delineated in Bill Plotkin’s amazing comprehensive book, Nature and the Human Soul, wherein all stages of life from ‘The Innocent in the Nest’ to ‘The Sage in the Mountain Cave’ are imbued with great guiding insights, tasks and understanding. The stage relevant to Little Star and Eliore, is thumbnailed as ‘The Explorers in the Garden’, with a task of ‘Learning the givens of the world and our place in it (discovering the enchantment of the natural world and learning cultural ways’. This would be quite lovely and easy if the state of the world and the current of mass consciousness and mass media was bent on creating wholesomeness and nourishment for growing children (which would have to include all humanity and the planet!). But this is clearly not the case. The tasks of this stage parallels my own lifelong underwritten goal of returning children to nature (however we can manage to do that) and articulating some of the timeless and eternal collective human values of love, gratitude, mindfulness, and loving connectedness to all life.

Also introduced in Little Star and Eliore is the life-affirming knowledge that there is a plan for each and every life. It is already planted in us, we need only to connect to it and help it unfold. We do not have to invent it.

Some more illustrations will posted in December.

Little Eliore wants so much to play on the earth.