06. Going Home with the Sun


Up to the sky
The sun knew they belonged in the sky world, and it reached down to them with its hands of Light, and lifted them up into the sky.

The story of the star child that was left behind is the basis for the sequel book,  You will see the little peak of the lavender hat on the left side.

But now, for us, we just look with our hearts at the picture and see a lovely uplifting fantasy. The deeper part of my consciousness sees this uplifting fantasy actually as a metaphor for truth – the inner reality of the Light taking us home – bringing us into the Heart of Oneness. That Light of Perfection needs our attention and responsiveness if it is to help us. If our attention is elsewhere, (usually always elsewhere), we cannot feel these very subtle hands of Light reaching down to us.

Below the illustration, is a poem attributed to Meister Eckhart, a German mystic from the 14th century….Let me seek you in the silence of my darkness and find You in the Silence of Your light  /  which is love shining like the sun…

Let me seek You                                          which is

in the darkness                                           love shining

of my silence                                               like the sun

and find You                                                flowing

in the Silence                                               like the river

of Your light                                                 and joying                                            like the heart


The above format is set by what I was able to do on my computer….it looks a little different in the book, Meister Eckhart’s Meditations of the Heart.

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