Gallery for The Star Children – Each Page a Doorway

Below is a ‘Gallery’ of illustrations and my conversations with you, the adult reader – just sharing some of what was in my mind and heart while writing and painting the illustrations. This does not imply we always want to discuss the pages, but often  conversation arises spontaneously. Please also share your thoughts and experiences!

(The numbers are just for the visual arrangement – not page numbers).

Click on page titles or picture (below) to see full content.

The Star Children - each page a doorway

01. Who Are the Star Children?

Besides telling the story, these illustrations were meant to serve also as a doorway to communicate with your child about inner things – thoughts, experiences, questions, and feelings. One could say that the earth children represent a horizontal, grounded and embodied experience, but nevertheless the precious experience of being in nature and on planet earth, while […]

02. The Gifts of the Mother-of-Us-All

  When ‘The Star Children’ went into Banyen Books & Sound I came across Renee Starr’s You Are Woman You Are Divine, where on a few pages she partially reveals Her – the Divine Mother – in a profound way. ‘How can something that is everything be described as only one thing?…She is the Feminine Essence […]

The Star Children - talking about the apple page

03. Talking About the Apple Tree Page

This page alludes to the magic and wonder we experience in the embrace of a tree, held intimately within its aura, in its energy that restores us and heals. Our own private space. The star children on the ground, also in a state of wonder, connect to the sky and sun above them. We are […]

04. Arrival of the Star Children

This is a joyful union, where all the children greet each other – ‘It seemed as if they were friends from before.’ The underlying theme for me was that the earth children ‘could feel them coming’. This is what happens to us when we are at peace internally, and are able to be tuned in, […]

05. Hearing Her Voice in the Earth World

This part of the story really embodies the crux of the whole dilemma for the little star child who becomes ‘lost’, and for all us humans who are often ‘lost’, as well. We cannot hear her voice, any true voice, our soul’s voice, the Creator’s voice, the Eternal’s voice, God’s voice – name it what you […]

06. Going Home with the Sun

  The story of the star child that was left behind is the basis for the sequel book,  You will see the little peak of the lavender hat on the left side. But now, for us, we just look with our hearts at the picture and see a lovely uplifting fantasy. The deeper part of […]

07. Talking About the Blueberry Page

  On this blueberry page there can be both horizontal and vertical thoughts (by vertical thoughts I mean the ones relating to the spiritual realms): In this picture, which child would you be? Have you ever been in the woods picking blueberries? Would you like for us to find such a place to do that? […]

The Star Children - each page a doorway

08. Running! Running! Running!

This is the simplest picture of all. Children can all relate to the joy of ‘Running! Running! Running!’ Where do you like to run? How do you think it feels to run on clouds? How will they know how to find the Mother-of-Us-All? And on another level, for ‘older children’, namely us, it embodies the […]

09. Lying Under the Stars

  Lying under the sky on a dark night – the stars dazzle our consciousness and our heart. They are friends of our Essence! We are showered by their Cosmic Rays, drenched with their unsung song. Unrivalled blessedness! Under the stars! Not just something to talk about, and learn about, but something you can plan […]

10. Parents in the Lighted Doorways

This is a page of contentment and fulfillment. The gratitude for a magical day frolicking and exploring in nature with friends is felt, and gratitude for encountering unexpected joys. And the feeling of tiredness, and happiness to be heading home, to come home. How blessed! How beautiful it is to have parents calling from a lighted […]

11. The Birdsong Page

This birdsong page is another of my favourite pages. Birds elevate the atmosphere around us. I’m sure you have noticed how enhanced we are in joy and upliftment when our being is drenched in birdsong. Talking about this page: Which child would you like to be if you could be there? How do you think […]

12. Talking About Asking

  This lovely picture is especially beautiful to me because of the Truth behind it. The star children have found the Mother-of-Us-All and ask her how they can get down to the earth world. For ourselves, too, we can ask! We are so used to allowing the linear mind to make up all the answers […]

13. The Rainbow

A big part of this page, aside from the joy and exhilaration, is the necessity of waiting, or learning that sometimes we have to wait – one of the very important lessons of life! Talking about the picture: Which star child feels a little uneasy about the rainbow slide? How do you think you would […]

14. Talking About the Meadow Page

When we talk about the earth children, we help create a deeper vocabulary and an awareness and desire for some of these experiences in nature. It will also gently nurture the connecting path between you and your child to the place where there is common understanding and words for inner sharing. All answers are right, and even […]

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