11. The Birdsong Page

star children p. 11 pic-small
The children stopped still, enchanted by the little birds.

This birdsong page is another of my favourite pages. Birds elevate the atmosphere around us. I’m sure you have noticed how enhanced we are in joy and upliftment when our being is drenched in birdsong.

Talking about this page:
Which child would you like to be if you could be there?
How do you think we could have birds come closer to us?
Let’s see if we can find all the birds on this page. Let’s see if we have ever seen any of the birds that are on this page? Let’s go out and see if we hear any birds?

The Bird Whisperer

This picture is not as imaginary as it may seem. When I was still teaching Kindergarten, a local friend, whom we may call a ‘bird whisperer’, took us out one day to commune with birds. This friend not only recognized so many birds and their calls, but he could mimic their calls and songs so very beautifully, so authentically. He told all the children that we all had to sit so very still, very patiently, and the birds would want to come nearer to us because they are curious. He called the birds with his calls, and lo and behold, they came closer. Many of them even answered him. We spent an enchanting hour. Very magical. And in such stillness. This page is for him. Thank you, Matthew!

There are many ways we can contribute to the birds and have them venture closer to us, and many ways a child can participate in projects like feeding the birds and planting flowers with seeds they like. It is also lovely to fashion birdhouses or save up our money to buy one. A bird identification book is a wonderful thing, and the electronic birdcall books nowadays available are fascinating and informative.

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