14. Talking About the Meadow Page

star children p. 8:19 pic
When the earth children grew tired, they sat down in the grass to rest.

When we talk about the earth children, we help create a deeper vocabulary and an awareness and desire for some of these experiences in nature. It will also gently nurture the connecting path between you and your child to the place where there is common understanding and words for inner sharing. All answers are right, and even no answer is right. On this page below, for instance, some possible thoughts might be:

What do you think this boy is feeling? Or If that was you, what would you be feeling?

What would you like to be doing on this page, if you were there?… Then,  Have you ever….rolled down a hill, or played chase in a meadow, or somersaulted down a hill?

Would you like us to find a place where you could do that?

And the star child’s experience…..left to your own intuition and wisdom.

Being in Nature Connects us Inwardly

One of the most important gifts of time spent in nature, is just what it does inside us. Whether we are adults or children we become inwardly connected to our own wonder, our own peace, our own centre, our source of being. To be able to be in touch with that, gives us access to an unfettered part of us that radiates joy and aliveness. With the growing disposition in children and teens (and adults) to depression, anxiety, and addiction, cultivating time in nature from an early age is vital. It is also vital to consciously create a path of communication and understanding at an early age, so that the path exists, and is well-used by the time the child is older, and may have more serious things that need to be heard.

Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods

By now many of us have become well aware of the potentially disastrous separation of children and nature. Our children – like little seedlings, are very tender and vulnerable and are shaped by their early years. Richard Louv’s poignantly titled Last Child in the Woods is an amazing text researching this trend:  the reasons, the effects, and the problems it will create. For those who are too  busy to read a book, there are websites, like  https://www.mindbodygreen.com/…/5-really-good-reasons-why-kids-need-time-in-na…  that give you a thumbnail bottom line.

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