09. Lying Under the Stars


…they lay so very still they, could hear the stars calling them to come home.

Lying under the sky on a dark night – the stars dazzle our consciousness and our heart. They are friends of our Essence! We are showered by their Cosmic Rays, drenched with their unsung song. Unrivalled blessedness!
Under the stars! Not just something to talk about, and learn about, but something you can plan to do with your children. Somehow!! Think of how to find a place in the country where it is dark and safe. I for one have slept out in my garden for many summers with a panoramic view of the sky. Every night like life in another world.

We can find our favourite star. Which one do you want to be?

If you are very quiet in your Heart, can you hear this star with your inside ears?

We can learn to recognize a constellation. We can revel in the awe and majesty, the splendour and mystery.

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