03. Talking About the Apple Tree Page

star children p. 10 pic-small
But the star children were used to looking down at the world from way up high.

This page alludes to the magic and wonder we experience in the embrace of a tree, held intimately within its aura, in its energy that restores us and heals. Our own private space. The star children on the ground, also in a state of wonder, connect to the sky and sun above them. We are one with the larger Universe, hearing the soundless sound from the Heart of Creation.

If you could be in this picture, who would you be?

What do you think you would see? What do you think you would feel? 

Can you remember a time when you were up in a tree?….when you were lying on the ground looking up?

 Did you ever feel that the sun loved you or sang to you? Did you ever feel that Life loved you?

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