02. The Gifts of the Mother-of-Us-All


Mother of Stars
The Mother-of-Us-All had little suits for the star children to wear.

When ‘The Star Children’ went into Banyen Books & Sound I came across Renee Starr’s You Are Woman You Are Divine, where on a few pages she partially reveals Her – the Divine Mother – in a profound way. ‘How can something that is everything be described as only one thing?…She is the Feminine Essence of God, an indwelling aspect of God as a Whole…She is both the source of creation and creation itself’

The Divine Feminine is best defined as that which is the intangibility of life, the mystery of the mysterious universe….She is the beingness of life, rather than the doing in life.
The Divine Feminine is a Presence hidden within the Presence of God. She is not obvious and not observable to the naked eye. Like veins of gold concealed within the earth, Her radiance lies unrevealed until mined from within. She is the Feminine Essence of God, an indwelling aspect of God as a whole.

The key to finding The Divine Feminine is to stop looking for Her – and just be like Her. In being like Her, you will find more compassion, more understanding, more wisdom, more peace and more love – for both yourself and others – than ever before.’ from pp. 34 and 35.
(I was rather astonished to find that at one point Renee calls her the Mother of Us All. That was my own construct for my story, but obviously, she tuned in to that as well.)

Something life-changing for us all, is to realize, or remember, that the Divine Mother loves us, and has always loved us. That is her gift.

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