05. Hearing Her Voice in the Earth World

star children p. 4 pic-small
She told them that when they were down in the earth world, it would be hard for them to hear her voice.

This part of the story really embodies the crux of the whole dilemma for the little star child who becomes ‘lost’, and for all us humans who are often ‘lost’, as well. We cannot hear her voice, any true voice, our soul’s voice, the Creator’s voice, the Eternal’s voice, God’s voice – name it what you will!

The pervasive din and clamour of the world, the fearfully ubiquitous impulse from the technology driven culture to be constantly entertained and seriously distracted, and our woeful separation from the peace and restorative function of nature, truly make it  difficult, if not impossible, to ‘hear her voice.’  She is clearly a little concerned about their adventure – the children could get lost and stuck in the earth world.

An interesting adjunct is Florence Williams book, The Nature Fix. This is a book I highly recommend, even though to me it is unpleasantly jarring to immerse myself in the stream of the modern scientific thought processes, wherein all things must be evidence-based and proven scientifically. The book’s conclusions reach the truth that nature makes us more creative, happier and healthier. To me that is self-evident and I need no proof, but I find it is valuable to discover where scientific heads are at and where our culture is relentlessly heading. Without a tranquil inner life, let alone even a semblance inner life, there is no possibility of ‘hearing her voice’.

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